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"If you think it, want it, dream it, then it's real."

Formal Wear and Class Projects:


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These costumes are closer to Fashion Design.  In this mix you will find my wedding dress, some prom dresses, and a class project about subcultures.  


These renderings were made as part of a class project where we were told to design an outfit for a subculture.  I thought "skater" or "goth" was boring, so I looked to a subculture of the past for inspiration.  My Glamrock Girls are depicting a look I like to call Electric Desire.

I designed and sewed my own wedding dress, partly for the fun of it, partly because I'm an old fashioned girl at heart, and partly because I wanted something both traditional and innovative.  I started with the pattern for a simple strapless gown and inserted gathered panels into either side to provide more volume at the hips, giving it a unique structure but a traditional line.  When I realized how much they're charging for veils these days, I made that too.

(OOps!! These pictures are packed!  coming soon....)