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   About Us:


Micronations: "entities that resemble independent nations or states, but which are unrecognized by them, and for the most part exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators." ~Wikipedia

    I was on a Micronational message board the other day, and (for the fifth time in 24 hours) someone new was announcing the creation of their new nation, Your-Name-Here-Topia. The good micronational people kindly asked him what the purpose of his nation was. A simulation of government? An honest desire to become a recognized nation? A simulation of currency and economics? A fun role-playing game for your group of friends? It made me think a lot about why I had even bothered to go through all the research and the revisions to make a viable constitution, let alone a functional Micronation website.

    I never liked government in school. It's like history, only with everything interesting that ever happened taken out, and compiled into facts, figures, and balances of powers. I have absolutely no desire to become a recognized nation, because then I'd actually have to be responsible for it. I have no currency system, and wouldn't have the foggiest idea about how to even begin to set one up. I haven't invited any of my friends, because I don't want to burden them with (or expose them to my) silliness, without express permission to do so. So why did I create my micronation? I asked myself. 

    I have a hard time voting. In the last election, I refused to vote for anyone who didn't provide the League of Women Voters with information, a free service, even if they were the only ones on the ballot. Half the time, no one I know cares or remembers that it's voting day, I end up grossly unprepared, and decide to let the informed people make the decision. The other half of the time I end up completely exasperated with having to vote for the person I hate less.

    Do you know who your representatives are? I have absolutely no idea. I don't even know who the Mayor is these days, and he lives in my home town, let alone who speaks for me in Congress or, more importantly, what he (or she) stands for. I don't feel as if I have any kind of real say in the government here, and I certainly don't feel accurately represented.

    I feel like our current system no longer does what it was originally intended to do: watch out for the little guy. Our Government is getting bigger and bigger by the minute, and the more laws there are, the less freedom there is for us all.   I slowly realized it was this dissatisfaction with US politics is what made me decide to look into making a constitution. If our system doesn't provide what I need, what would?

    The Kwedregiol Constitution is my answer to these questions. It isn't about simulation, it's not about recognition, and it certainly isn't about fun and games. It's a quiet statement of dissatisfaction with the country I love so much, and it guarantees the most freedom and representation for the most amount of people.  Dissatisfied?  Start up your own Enclave from scratch and start over.  One endless second chance. 

America may be the Land of the Free, but we've gone sorely awry lately.  May we live to see better and prouder days.