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Kenneth G. Fiske Museum





B13    Bugle, of German origin, marked “Horstmann, Phila.,” ca. 1850.  Said to have been played during the Civil War.

B461  Bugle (Fanfare trumpet) in Bb, Romeo Orsi, Milan, 1884.  One piston valve changes pitch to F, ser. no. 155, “Bersaghlieri” bugle.

B470  Bass Bugle (Clairon basse) in Bb, Lecomte & Cie, Paris, 1912.  Two piston valves.

B16    Bugle in Bb, Battista Cazzani, Milan, ca. 1915.  One Perinet valve, also known as a “Bersaghlieri” bugle.

B164  Bugle in C, of American origin, ca. 1915.

B17    Bugle in C, of German origin, ca. 1915.  Engraved on the bell is an eagle.  The first instrument collected by Curtis Janssen.

B429  Bugle of East European origin, ca. 1915.

B324  Bugle in C, Henry Potter, London, 1917.

B19    Bugle in Bb, of German origin, dated 1917.  Engraved: “Wurlitzer, Chicago Depot. Spec. 1152 8-28-17.”

B450  Bugle in Bb, U.S. origin, ca. 1918.  Similar to U.S. Regulation Officers Bugle.

B434  Bugle, Romeo Orsi, Milan, ca. 1925.

B15    Bugle in Eb, Couesnon & Co., Paris, 1927.

B14    Bugle in C, of U.S. origin, early twentieth century.

B202  Bugle in C, of U.S. origin, early twentieth century.

B180  Bugle of US origin, 1930-1940.  Constructed of beer cans for Mannie Klein.

B18    Bugle in G, Nippon Kangakki Co., Tokyo, ca. 1940.  Stamped "Nikkan" on lead pipe.

B20    Bugle in Bb, of American origin, ca. 1942.  Made entirely of plastic with a clear plastic mouthpiece.

B240  Bugle, handmade of Mexican origin, ca. 1960.

B462  Bugle, Pakistani origin, ca. 1960.

B472  Bugle in D, homemade of US origin, ca. 1960s.

B21    Bugle, Getzen Co., Elkhorn, Wisconsin, 1965-66.

B468  Corps Bugle in G, Smith Music Sales, German origin, ca. 1970.  Mellophone bugle with one piston and one rotary valve.

B495  Soprano [Corps] Bugle in G, DEG, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, ca. 1980.  Two piston valves.


Keyed Bugles

B8      Bugle in Eb, attributed to Thomas Percival, London, ca. 1830.  Six keys.

B307  Bugle in Eb, of English origin, ca. 1835.  Six keys, compact form.

B480  Bugle in C, with fine tuning device, George Butler, Dublin, ca. 1835.  Eight keys.

B9      Bugle in C, Joseph Greenhill, London, ca. 1840.  Engraved on plaque “New Improve’d Royal Kent bugle by Jos’ Greenhill LONDON.”  Seven keys.

B222  Bugle in C, of English origin, ca. 1840.  Eight keys.

B473  Bugle in Bb, Thomas Percival, London, ca. 1840.  Eight keys.

B479  Bugle in Eb, George Smith, Birmingham, ca. 1840.  Six keys.

B167  Bugle in Eb, Graves & Co., Winchester, New Hampshire, ca. 1845.  Ten keys.

B483  Bugle in Bb, Graves & Co., Winchester, New Hampshire, ca. 1845.  Seven keys.

B10    Bugle in Bb, attributed to Gautrot, Paris, ca. 1850.  Seven keys.

B466  Bugle in Bb, of English origin, ca. 1860.  Unusual tuning slide after mouthpipe tube.  Seven keys.