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Kenneth G. Fiske Museum 

Oboes, English Horns, Bassoons, Reed Contrabass


Small Oboe

W41    6-key musette of German origins, ca. 1930. 


W121  2-key, Gottfried August Lehnhold, Leipzig, ca. 1800.

W43    12-key of German or Austrian origin, ca. 1830.

W179  12-key, Franz Ludwig, Prague, ca. 1840.  Similar to Sellner system oboes having a sliding tuning head and metal-lined finger and tone holes.  Loan of Bocquet-Moir Collection, 1993.

W180  13-key, Triébert, Paris, ca. 1845. Loan of Bocquet-Moir Collection, 1993.

W42    11-key, Gottfried Ferdinand Rudolf Gehrs, Berlin, ca. 1850.

W120  12-key, Johann Christoph Selboe, Copenhagen, ca. 1850.

W43    10-key of French origin, ca. 1880.

W181  Conservatory-system, François Lorée, Paris, ca. 1883.  Serial no. B018.  Loan of Bocquet-Moir Collection, 1993.

W182  Conservatory-system, Jacques Albert fils, Brussels, ca. 1890.  Serial no. 839.  Loan of Bocquet-Moir Collection, 1993.

W150  Conservatory-system, Kohlert Sons, Graslitz, ca. 1910.

W226  Boehm-system, G. L. Penzel & Müller, New York, ca. 1910.  Serial no. 3330.

W45    Conservatory-system of German origin marked “H. N. White Co. Importers Cleveland Ohio” and “Germany”, ca. 1925.  Serial no. 6402.

W151   Conservatory-system of French origin, marked “Guy Humphrey Professional”, ca. 1930.


Reproductions of Historical Double-Reed Instruments

W216  Kortholt, Moeck Co., Celle, ca. 1970.

W215   2-key oboe, Friedrich von Huene, Boston, ca. 1975.  Serial no. 3469, copy of a 2-key Denner oboe.


English Horns

W122  2-key, August Grenser, Dresden, ca. 1760.  Curved or sickle-shaped.

W117  7-key, Jean Baptiste Tabard, Lyon, ca. 1830.  Angular shaped.

W134  11-key, Gebrüder Alexander, Mainz, ca. 1880.

W227  Conservatory-system, G. L. Penzel & Müller, New York, ca. 1910.



W46    6 key, Anonymous, attributed to Lyon school, ca. 1810.

W247  11-key of German origin, ca. 1825.

W248  9-key, Richard Bilton, London, ca. 1835.

W136  18 key of German or Czech origin, ca. 1870, Almenräder model.

W249  Heckel-system of German or U.S. origin, ca. 1900, stamped “Heckel, Biebrich” a counterfeit.

W47    19 key, Couesnon & Cie, Paris, ca. 1910, serial no. 20807.


Reed Contrabass

W48   17 keys, Rampone e Cazzani, Milan, ca. 1925.