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Reed Organs

Kenneth G. Fiske Museum


K6 Lap organ, Nichols, Williams & Co., Barre, Vermont, 1845-50. 4 octaves: C to c3. Curtis Janssen collection, 1953.

K14 Melodeon, Sage, Middleton, Connecticut, ca. 1850. 4+ octaves: C to d3. An instrument made by an amateur builder. Gift of David Sage Kirwin, San Jacinto, CA, 1988 in memory of Marion Elizabeth Bissell Pember Kirwin Matson.

K41 Melodeon, Prince & Co., Buffalo, New York, 1852. 5 octaves: FF to c4, serial no. 7263, two pedals. Gift of Lynda Douglas, Long Beach, CA, 1993.

K50 Square Piano with "aeolian attachment", Hallet Davis & Co., Boston, ca. 1854. 6 octaves and a major third: FF to a4, serial no. 3742. Square pianos with reed organ attachments were made in small numbers during the 1840s and 1850s. Gift of Travis Cidila, So-Cal Piano Movers, 1999.

K40 Melodeon, Hastings & Philbrook, Portland, Maine, ca. 1855. 4 octaves: C to f3, two pedals. Gift of Dr. William Fleming, Syracuse, NY, 1993.

K48 Melodeon, J. Estey & Co., Brattleboro, Vermont, 1866. 6 octaves: FF to f4, serial no. 13438, 4 stops, three pedals one of which operates a "clockwork" tremolo mechanism. Estey’s "Cottage Organ" or style 31 was made with this tremolo mechanism for about two years. Gift of Helen Gipson, Claremont, CA 1997.

K35 Melodeon, Parker & Secomb, Concord, New Hampshire, 1866-7. 5 octaves: FF to f3, serial no. 601, two pedals. Gift of Dr. Wilbur Held, Pomona, CA, 1991.

K4 Reed organ, Smith Organ Co., Boston, ca. 1875. 5 octaves: FF to f3, serial no. 44553. 5 stops, 1 knee lever. Gift of Dr. William Fleming, Syracuse, NY, 1958.

K3 Reed organ, Mason & Hamlin, Boston, ca. 1880. 5 octaves: FF to f3, serial no. 2238. 10 stops, 2 knee levers, Style 2207, case 139. Claremont Colleges, 1977.

K26 Reed Organ, John G. Earhurff, St. Paul, 1887-97. 5 octaves: FF to f3, 12 stops. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnhart, El Toro, CA, 1990 in memory of Edith Gay and Waldemar Jacob Barman.

K30 Triple-manual Reed Organ, Mason & Hamlin, Boston, ca. 1889. 6 octaves: CC to c4, serial no. 179800, 3 manuals and pedal board, 32 stops, 6 pedal couplers. Style 1200. One of five known examples of a triple manual reed organ by this company and the only example in a public collection. Gift of Barbara Ward, Grand Terrace, CA, 1991.

K2 Reed organ, Thompson, Chicago, ca. 1890. 5 octaves: FF to f3. 11 stops, 2 knee levers. Claremont Colleges, 1977.

K46 Double-manual Reed Organ, Estey Organ Co., Brattleboro, Vermont, ca. 1900. 5 octaves: CC to c4, serial no. 44215, two manuals and pedal board, 16 stops. Gift of Bonnie Dickson, Ontario, CA, 1995.

K5 Reed organ, Mason & Hamlin, Boston, ca. 1900. 4 octaves: C to c3, serial no. 212070. No stops, 1 knee lever, style 110, "Baby" model. Gift of Samuel Antes, Claremont, CA 1977.

K39 Reed Organ, Aeolian Co., Worcester, New Hampshire, ca, 1905. 5 octaves: CC to c4, serial no. 3745, 12 stops, two pedals. Vocalion model with a pipe facade. Gift of UCLA music department and Harry Johnson, Montecito, CA, 1992.

K45 Harmonium-Accordion, F. Frontalini e figli, Numana, Italy, 1930s. 5 octaves: GG to g3, no stops. Full accordion keyboard incorporated into instrument. Gift of Norman and Silke Sauppe, Colorado Springs, CO, 1995

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