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Kenneth G. Fiske Museum


Serpents, Bass Horns, Bass Ophicleides and Tubas



B3      Serpent of French origin, ca. 1800.  Keyless, covered with leather painted black.

B494  Serpent of English origin, ca. 1820.  Three keys, covered with leather painted black.

B309  Serpent Forveille, Aubretin, France, ca. 1835.  Three keys.

B264  Serpent of English or American origin, ca. 1975.


Bass Horns

B303  Bass Horn of German origin, ca. 1830.  Metal body and four keys.

B5      Russian Bassoon, Jean Baptiste Tabard, Lyon, ca. 1830.  Three keys.


Bass Ophicleides

B267  Bass Ophicleide in B-flat, August G. Guichard, Paris, ca. 1840, serial no. 189.  Eleven keys.

B438  Bass Ophicleide in C of English origin, ca. 1860.  Eleven keys.



B120  Bombardon in F of German origin, ca. 1850.  Three Vienna valves.

B133  Tuba in F, Edward Johann Bauer, Prague, ca. 1850.  Three Vienna valves.

B122  Tuba in E-flat, Wright, Esbach, Hartman, Boston, 1864-66.  Three rotary valves.

B316  Tuba in E-flat, Isaac Fiske, Worcester, Massachusetts, ca. 1870.  Three rotary valves.

B302  Tuba in E-flat, Henry Lehnert, Philadelphia, 1876-1880.  “Centennial” model with three rotary valves.

B124 Sousaphone in E-flat, Harry B. Jay, Chicago, ca. 1920.

B81   Tuba in trumpet form in BB-flat, H. N. White Co., Cleveland, ca. 1925-1930, serial no. 96986.  Largest trumpet in the world, 7’ 2” in length, made for display purposes.