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Kenneth G. Fiske Museum



Valved Trombones

B78    Alto trombone in Eb, probably of German origin, ca. 1890.  Perinet valves, engraved: "August Pollman New York, Artist's Model".

B79    Alto trombone in Eb, attributed to Schuster & Co., Markneukirchen, ca. 1880.  Perinet valves, stamped with a crown above two exposition medals at Oporto 1865 and Philadelphia 1876.

B138  Tenor trombone in Bb, Ferdinand Van Cauwelaert, Brussels, ca. 1885.  Vienna valves (Belgium system).

B284  Tenor trombone in Bb, Higham Co., Manchester, c. 1890, serial nos. 20841, 24783.  Perinet valves, stamped: W. H. Cundy, Boston, agent.

B82    Alto trombone in F, Bohland & Fuchs, Graslitz, ca. 1900.  Rotary valves.

B93    Upright tenor trombone (tenor horn) in Bb, Maino & Orsi, Milan, ca. 1910.  Rotary valves.

B137  Tenor trombone in Bb, Henri Van Engelen, Lierre, ca. 1915.  L-shaped instrument with three Perinet valves.

B113  Tenor trombone in Bb, Orfeo Borgani, Macerata, ca. 1920.  Rotary valves, mother-of pearl finger levers.

B305  Tenor trombone in Bb, Mahillon Co., Brussels, ca. 1920.  L-shaped instrument with six Perinet valves (independent valve system).


Slide Trombones

B118  Busine trombone, Jean Baptiste Tabard, Lyon, ca. 1830.  Dragon-head bell.

B119  Bass trombone in F of German origin, ca. 1880.  Engraved:  “Dresden Conservatory, Made for Root & Sons Music Co., Chicago, Ill.”

B117  Trombone, Distin Manufacturing Co., Williamsport, Pennsylvania, ca. 1899.

B116  Trombone, Richard Wunderlich, Chicago, ca. 1905.

B269  Trombone, Frank Holton, Elkhorn, Wisconsin, 1916.

B115  Trombone, Anton Konrad Hüttl, Graslitz, ca. 1920.

B439  Trombone, Conn, Elkhart, 4H model, ser. 288435, c. 1932. 

B442  Bass trombone (gold plated), Williams & Wallace, Los Angeles, Symphony model, with fourth valve trigger, c. 1935.

B441  Trombone, Olds & Son, Los Angeles, Super model, ser. 12958, c. 1942.

B440  Trombone, Olds & Son, Los Angeles, Super model, ser. 164136, c. 1955.