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"Educate yourself.  Or, you know, just kill some time."





A Silly Symphony

Costume Designs

The Republic of Kwedregiol

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you should be reading every day, I do.  The best part about webcomics? start at the beginning and don't miss a thing!

Clear Blue Water
Count Your Sheep
No Rest For The Wicked
Order Of The Stick
Pearls Before Swine
You'll Have That
Wapsi Square


Kill some time with these
Fun Things To Do

 Create Your Own Seal
Crossword of the Day
Daily Dis or Dat (from You Don't Know Jack)
Ink and Paper? Instant Party!
Micronation Message Board
Quenya Course
Sudoku on the Web


Some of this stuff is
but most of it is just funny

 20000 Names
Anti Telemarketing Script
Ardalambion, for all things Quenya
Get Human
Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advice
Official Rules for "Shotgun"
Tara Magginnis' book of Costumer's Advice
The Costumer's Manifesto
Vodoun Culture and Symbols