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Pictures and Stuff
more or less in order by date, or at least by trip.
Denotes a picture taken by Mary Beth Trama, Thanks MB!


Me at the Governor's mansion in Williamsburg

Brian in the garden

Julie at the cool Maze

Me running down the stairs (thanks Brian)

Brian through the Maze

Brian and Julie, lost in the Maze

Robbie recovering from his drunken night out...

Brian and Robbie at the boat yard

Cool boats at the boatyard

Annie at our house

Me and Brian picking apples to ciderize in Oak Glenn.

Me working, while the boys stand around and watch. 

Brian pretending to be fatigued while I still do all the work.

With the finished product. It was tasty.

Tiffani, Tom, Julie, Brian, and Me at the Disneyland entrance.
We didn't really want to see the men's faces anyway. :)

Brian's newest Hidden Mickey at Disneyland. Do you see it?

Does this look familiar Robbie?

Oh Casey, Casey, Casey, starts with C!

Julie on the Ojai trip, looking very cute.

Brian on the Ojai trip, looking very cute too.

Tiffani on the Ojai trip.  The coolest picture ever!

Me at the Hilltop Steakhouse with the plastic cows. Yay!

My lovely husband Brian.

Amy, the Antisocialite

Annie, or "Crazy".  For some reason, she's not that photogenic.
This was the cutest picture I could get of her, and I tried several times.

Adirondack chairs on my Aunt's front lawn.

Cody, Kathy, and me at Kathy's wedding.

Me and my soon to be eaten Lobster.

A cool bridge Brian and I drove over in Boston.

Another shot of the bridge.

Brian and me on the 4th of July

Me, Kathy and Cody on our trek to San Fran.